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LeGE-WG: Objectives

Primary Scientific and Technological Objectives

  • To identify and help demonstrate how a Learning Grid will allow a European-wide exploitation of key skills and address the lifelong learning needs of citizens in the modern volatile European market.
  • To facilitate the cross-disciplinary investigation of technological, pedagogic and legislative issues underpinning the creation and establishment of a European Learning Grid.
  • To facilitate the definition of Learning Grid toolkits and design methodologies, while supporting the emergence of pedagogic paradigms based on the utilisation of GRID technologies.
  • To co-ordinate a wide-scale validation through the adoption of new learning paradigms based on experimentation (learning by doing) through the access to real world, real time data sets (e.g. stock market or meteorology data), virtual laboratories, and virtual scientific experiments for learning.
  • To facilitate the integration of the best European leading research Learning & Training solutions and digital resources into Learning Portals.
  • To facilitate the harmonisation of regulatory and legislative frameworks and facilitate their evolution so as to support the fast take-up of emerging Grid-aware solutions for e-Learning.
  • To prepare the ground for the standardisation of emerging Grid-aware solutions for e-Learning by submitting recommendations to the appropriate standardisation bodies.

Operational Objectives

LeGE-WG will provide the consortium partners and the wider research community with the common background necessary for advancing toward an in-depth understanding of the offerings and challenges associated with the application of Grid computing for Learning & Training. This will lead to the definition of a number of closely interacting research, development and demonstration projects focusing in different aspects of European Learning Grid, from complementary perspectives.
In particular, LeGE-WG is intended to prepare the ground for in-depth research activities through a series of preparatory actions, which includ the establishment of an information portal with up-to-date information about the latest research developments towards a European Learning Grid, regular working group meetings in conjunction with targeted workshops, and the organisation of international workshops where experts from non-EU countries will also be invited to lecture and participate. To prepare a bridge toward FP6. LeGE-WG operates as a large European-wide network of Actors that are able to validate, exploit and disseminate project results to more than 100,000 users (over 20 partners among Universities, Schools, Research Centre, Enterprises and Public Administrations in 10 EU and NAS countries).

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